Screech Speech


Screech Speech defines negative self-talk and how it can impact a child’s well being. This book also demonstrates how to change negative self-talk from unhelpful to helpful.


Screech Speech is the second book in the series. This book labels and defines negative self-talk. It explores how negative self-talk can impact a child’s well being and then demonstrates how to change the thoughts from unhelpful to helpful. These are essential skills to foster perseverance during times of struggle and are preliminary skills needed to develop grit.

This book includes a variety of discussion questions to further develop a child’s ability to identify and shift negative self-talk. Additionally, the questions also help highlight the negative impact of screech speech and how it impacts our emotions.

Three activities are also included with the book. Activities are intended for a group setting, but can easily be adapted to an individual. The activities further deepen a child’s understanding of screech speech.