Happy 2017/2018 School Year!

The new school year is just getting into full swing! Whether you are a parent, an educator or a professional in the field, starting the year with Grit Up is a great way to start!

We have had a lot of success using the series to link kids to social emotional learning. We use the series to build off of what kids already know. When we link new information to existing information it is much more likely to last! This is why we stop frequently and thoughtfully as we read the books (red pages are suggested stopping points) to relate the content to our audience. We also slow down the reading when our audience member wants to share and do their own relating. In fact, those are signs that the content is sticking- precisely what we want! Kids love sharing how their experiences are the same or different from Mandy’s experiences.

Plan to take your time with the book. The content from the book should be a tool used to relate and reflect on a deeper level. We would love to hear your feedback- feel free to contact us or comment below. Have fun!

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