The most reliable predictor of success isn’t intelligence or academic success, it is grit; a person’s ability to persevere and overcome obstacles. This creative and thought provoking book series helps children learn how to build on and strengthen the qualities that foster grit.

Book 1 (Emotion Commotion)

Emotion Commotion helps children learn to identify and calm some of their stronger, and frequently uncomfortable, emotions.

Book 2 (Screech Speech)

Screech Speech defines negative self-talk and how it can impact a child’s well being. This book also demonstrates how to change negative self-talk from unhelpful to helpful.

Book 3 (Grit Up)

Grit UP teaches children what grit is, how to identify it and ultimately how to put grit into action.

Books 4 (Head and Heart)

Head and Heart teaches assertive communication skills. This books helps children see the benefits of advocating for their needs in a respective manner. This ultimately helps children better to deal with challenges in communication, peer relationships and social situations.

Book 5 (Empathy)

Empathy teaches children how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and how to respond showing compassion. Empathy is necessary in order to develop emotional intelligence and foster healthy relationships.

Book 6 (Care to Repair)

Care to Repair teaches children how to recognize when they have made a mistake and how to take responsibility for their mistake. Care to Repair also teaches the importance of sincerity when apologizing to another person.

Book 7 (Inner Celebration)

Inner Celebration introduces children to positive self-talk and how to celebrate their efforts. Children will learn tools to increase their inner pride and self esteem. This will help them to better accept themselves as they are, to develop inner validation and, lastly, to better navigate the world around them.

Books 8 (Gratitude)

Gratitude Attitude teaches children the benefits of focusing on what they have rather than what they don’t have. Gratitude attitude explores ways to shift unhelpful thinking so that they can better appreciate and enjoy the world around them.

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